Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our First "Date"

A little over 4 years ago Dan and I went on our first "date"( don't worry he took me out on a much better date after this ha). This date could have very well been on My Very Worst Date if I was uptight, but I was actually pretty amused by the whole thing.

We met working on a gubernatorial campaign. I walked into the filing room and noticed him right away. We talked for 2 weeks while we were at the office together and I decided to invite him to my birthday party as I was turning 21 in a few days. That day came and he bailed because he was too hungover from the previous night. Luckily, later that week he asked to take me out for a birthday drink. We both had a night class and we met up afterward at a bar where he bought me my drink then I had to leave to go to a meeting. After my meeting I got a call from other people from the campaign saying they were going out so I called Dan back up and invited him out.

We went out to a bar that was a short walk from my dorm. These were my glory days and my drink of choice were Long Islands. Well little did I know that while I was in he bathroom Dan would drink some of my Long Island, in addition to the drinks he already consumed, then fill my glass back up with a friends drink. Needless to say he was SCHWASTED by the time the end of the night rolled around. I'm talking barely walking, incoherent, goodness.

I laughed at his state of drunkeness as we walked back to my dorm room. This walk was topped off by him stopping to take a pee on a construction sign. Definitely the makings of a future husband right?

We get back to my dorm room and I asked him if he wanted to stay on my futon. He comes up to the room and goes in the bathroom to puke and then decides he wants to sleep in his car and tells me to wake him up in the morning because he has class. So I walk down to the parking lot in the morning tap on his window and open his door. Tell him its time for class, and he gives me a very confused look and closes the door and drives off. He later tells me his confused look was because he forgot who I was! How romantic!

We continued to go out with the campaign for a few days and later that week he took me on a much better, real first date.

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