Friday, February 25, 2011

Running Outta Our Mine!

    This past weekend we did a race IN a mine! Literally the only thing outside of it was the finish line!  In theory the race was many people can say they have ran a race in a mine??? The hubs is a huge zombie fan so he was pumped to see because part of Day of the Dead was filmed here. In reality the race was kinda boring because there wasn't much to look at..think gravel and walls.  The one interesting thing was that the mine has since turned into a storage facility, so you would round a corner and there would be RV's, boats, and those little  trailers that you get food at at fairs.
    Overall the race was average for the both of us, the weather was a little warm in the mine and there was of course no breeze.  Would I do it again..yes but I would bring someone to amuse me ha.
look for the cones- its the finish line!

Anyway I saw that a few of you are doing races this weekend so GOOD LUCK! Emily and I will be freezing for ten miles tomorrow at the Spring Thaw. The hubs will be doing 10, 15 or 20..this race is neat its a 5 mile loop and you just pick how many you want to do while running.  Post race report to follow!

Friday Fill In and an Award :)

Dont forget to link up over at Wife of a Sailor!

1. Aside from no deployments, what is one thing you would want to make the MilSpouse life “perfect”?  submitted by Oh How Delightful
For the Army to realize that there are other things in life besides just being in the Army. Like important events that our spouses or us have to miss due to last minute changes in plans. You think for how structured everything is, the schedule would be one of those things also!

2. Just how many peppers did Peter Piper pick? submitted by Married into Army
Enough to make stuffed pepper soup

I would loooooooooove to have my own nail polish line and a little cupcakery.

4. Do you have a service oriented tattoo and if so what is it. If you don’t what would you get? submitted by The Squid’s Accomplice
No but if you (or your spouse) do please email me! I am trying to put together a post of pictures and stories of military tattoos.
5. Imagine a block of time has opened up in your busy day for you to take a class in anything you like. What subject would you choose?  submitted by To The Nth
Cooking or Baking

The lovely Lou at Guinn and Bare It gave me this award:)  Thanks!!!!

I am going to pass it on to
The Diary of Mrs
The Life of an Army Wife
Creative, Crazy and Camuoflage
Peas and Crayons
3. If you could have any career in the world with nothing holding you back, what would you do? submitted by It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Nailed It #9 and My First Giveaway!

Let me explain the picture.  I have the attention span of a 5 year old after he has eaten all of his Easter candy, soooooooo when I was eating Jolly Ranchers at my desk I kinda noticed my nails were similar in color to the green ones.

Opi for Sephora- Glee Collection: "Gleek Out", 3 coats
  I just love the nail polish below- I think it is one of the most perfect colors of pink thats why it is my GVEAWAY SHADE! (pretend like Oprah said that)

GIVE AWAY SHADE! Access 24/7
To Enter the Giveaway:
Please let me know how many points you have earned and I will double check :)
Following my blog- 1 point
Email me a picture and story of your favorite nail polish for an upcoming I Nailed It- 1 point
Email me a picture and story of you or your spouse's military tattoo- 1 point
Leaving a comment on this post- 1 point
Getting someone new to follow my blog- 2 points- make sure they say who sent them :)

Hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tattoos of the Military Sort?

I'd really like to do a post about tattoos that are military related that you or your spouse may have.  This is mainly because I am nosy and find tattoos to be very interesting!  Did you ever look at someone's ink and think "wonder what that is for"?.. well tell us!

Please send in a picture and reason and/or meaning behind such ink to me at 11 whiskey at gmail dot com.

I'd like to have all submissions by next Wednesday but we will see how the response goes!

P.S. Don't forget to check out "I Nailed It" tomorrow for my first ever giveaway!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Nailed It #8-Ode to Nail Polish

Since it is Valentine's week I thought I'd show you all how bad my love for nail polish is by writing this awful poem and showing you my alarming numbers of nail polish bottles :)

How do I love thee, let me count the ways:
nail polish- you always fit no matter how much ice cream I eat.
nail polish- if I dont like you, I can change you in a matter of minutes
nail polish- you are cheap and easy
nail polish- you make me happy
nail polish- just when I think I have seen every color of pink imaginable, you surprise me
nail polish- your glitter brightens my dull days sitting behind a computer screen

I counted them..119 bottles and I've worn them all except for the last row which is all new...obsessed much?
Today I have on 2 coats of  Chanel- "No 495 Mica Rose", its in the top row with the square black cap

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hey Emmmmillllyyyyyyyyy

only 3 months until you run your first half!!!!!!  I am super excited for you and promise you will want to do another :)

Anyone have any advice for Emily ,who in 3 short months will be trying not to punch me in the face for 13.1 miles?

My advice- If you don't feel like you are going to puke at the finish line then you didn't give it your all. hahahah probably not the healthiest thing to do

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day: A Baking Under the Influence Edition

Emily and I wanted to make a treat for Valentine's Day and check out how working with fondant would be.

Emily spotted this idea from Sweetapolita.We kindaaa cheated a bit and bought sugar cookie dough and icing becasue we were short on time but let me tell you the results were delish!

Here is what you will need:
Sugar cookie dough
Cookie Cutters
Food coloring gel
Rubber stamp

Cut out the sugar cookies into whatever shape you desire. Bake them and let them cool.  Prepare the fondant, let me explain- ours was rock hard and had microwave instructions on the tub it came in.  We warmed ours up and it softened.  We kneaded pink food coloring gel into it and rolled it out into 1/8th inch thickness. We cut out the heart shapes and used a small bit of icing on each cookie to adhere the fondant to each cookie.  Once assembled we stamped the cookies with the rubber stamp to create the script effect.

We drank Pink Flamingo red wine which I cant find a picture of for some reason!

Anyway I hope you all have a great V-Day :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Michigan Fun: Smoke Grenades, Flares and Kid Rock

We travel to Michigan a few times a year, but in January I was there twice!  The in laws live up there in a very small town and we went up for New Years and one of my bffs decided that we should go to Kid Rock's 40th Birthday concert in Detroit. Lots of pictures to follow.

New Years Eve 2010
every year there is a beer tree

Capt T teaching Amy how to use the smoke grenade

your blogger giving it a try

Amy recovered her smoke grenade- the other side is a flare and you can use both sides!

alcoholic whipped cream- we dont have this in PA! It was tasty

the poor frog has had his fate decided since we acquired him

Capt T and Dan prepping his demise

A few mins later the frog was taken care of
next target, the bonfire

Ed prepping it with fuel

to start this we all took flares, counted to 3, lit them and threw them in

Ed's pup Diesel , yes those are my shooting glasses and yes I bedazzled them

we got to play with night vision too!
This is so country that the first time I came up to Michigan, when Dan and I first started dating, he waited until we we almost there to tell me I had to use an outhouse. I was not happy and I made him come in it with me hahah (they have regular plumbing now which makes me :)). It really nice to get away from everything for a few days and spend time with our family.

Two weeks later my friend Mandy, her mom and I drove to Detroit  specifically to see Kid Rock perform his 40th birthday concert.  Let me just tell you it was AWESOME. Kid Rock performed for 3 hours. It was super high energy and a fantastic show. If you have never seen him perform -go do it, he always puts on an amazing show.

Kid Rock's Beer- its pretty tasty actually

Mandy and I

Uncle Kracker

Peter Wolf

Martina McBride

Rev Run- I totally freaked

Sheryl Crow

Chevy gave him a Camaro

Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford gave a toast

Finale- Love it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Nailed It #7

This week its a 2fer.....fingers and toes!
Base Coat- 2 coats OPI for Sephora: "Charge It", Glitter- OPI Burlesque Collection "Bring on the Bling"
I wanted to post a picture of my actual toes but I cant get over the fact that they look like old bald men. 'll admit I bought it partially for the name
NARS Vintage- Full Metal Jacket
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafty Runner

Ah its been 11 days since I ran- whoopsie! I will claim a few days of recovery though :) and I Zumba-ed once hehehe.

Below is my runner craft.  I like to make life as sparkly as possible ha so this popped into my head- it took some patience and time but the outcome is cute!

Here is what you will need if you would like to jazz up your sneaks too:

Flat backed Jolee's Jewels- whichever size you think would best fit what ever you are bedazzling
  • Some good fabric (I used Fabri-Tac and it last through the rain of my last half) or all purpose glue
  • Clear Nail Polish
Put a little bit of the glue down place the crystal, repeat.  After its all dry put a few coats of the clear nail polish to make sure they will stick :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Victoria's Secret has an ARMY line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have Navy too!

Yes I already bought all of them except for the pink one it is sold out :( womp womp but I WILL find it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Summer Vacation

So I scheduled two weeks of vacation in the last part of June/ beginning part of July but where to go?!
I know we will be seeing this guy on July 2nd which will be awesome.

We will also be heading up to visit my in laws in Michigan and to celebrate my SIL's 21st birthday in Traverse City at the Cherry Festival.  For the first part of vacation we are thinking about going to Key West (man do i LOVE me some key lime pie) or somewhere else in Florida.
Does anyone else have their summer vacays planned out yet? Where are you going?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Race :)

The hubs and I were going through his running magazines and we spotted this race in Michigan, very close to Detroit. Its called the Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon and 5k and this race has me excited because you get to run around this whole little island.... how cool is that!As an added bonus, it benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It is March 20th and we will be there :). 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Nailed It #6 and Friday Fill-In


This week's color kind of reminds me of Easter ha, but I love it!  If anyone would like to send in their latest nail polish fave email me at 11 whiskey at gmail dot com :)

Friday Fill-In!  Head on over to Wife of a Sailor to link up!

1. Since most of the country has had nasty weather, what has your weather been like this week?
We had a little bit of snow but I am not gonna complain because I know most of the country had it way worse.

2. What is/are your best money saving tip(s)?
ummm money saving inst really my forte...I'm really good at spending money but I have gotten better and asking myself "do you really need this?"
3. What was your favorite vehicle you’ve ever owned??
Bobbie and Bobbie 2.0 (with a heart over the "i") same exact car black 2008 Honda Civic who was totaled(not by me) a year ago so now I have a 2010 Black Honda Civic

4. What is a question you’d like to see asked in a future fill-in? (Your question & blog just may appear one week!)
Which was the best day of your life- Wedding day or Homecoming day?
5. Fill in the blank: You might be a MilSpouse if….
(I will be including some of your answers in a future post (with a link to your blog, of course!)

You might be a MilSpouse if…after a deployment any time your spouse has to be away you think "oh its not that bad, can't be worse than a deployment"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Houston (Half) Marathon Recap!

First off I want to say that I made Emily's Pad Thai last night and I cant get my mind off how good it was.

The weekend in Houston was great! The weather was nice and warm, I got to see my old college roomate, and the US Half Marathon Championships, and the Galleria :).
On Saturday we got up early and went down to see the US Half Marathon Championships.  It was pretty cool to see and Dan got to see his bf Ryan Hall finish 2nd overall.  Mo Trafeh came in 1st with a time of 1:02:17. 

The head pack around mile 9

Mo crossing the finish line
Afterwards we went to the Marathon Expo where I got some cute running clothes on sale :).  We headed back to our hotel and I had lunch with one of my college roomates who happened to be in town for a conference! Our hotel was within very close walking distance to The Houston Galleria which was fannnnntastic.  Afterwards we went out to dinner with the National Guard Team and got to sleep early!
The race overall was REALLY well organized and the medals are nice! Each finisher got a nice tech shirt and the marathon finishers also received a beer mug. The course was super flat but the weather for the race was good and bad.  It was very humid to start the race(which slowed us down) but it rained during the race which felt amazing and cleared up around the time i was at mile 10. I ran the half marathon got a PR this race, I beat my old time by 40 seconds which left me at a 2:41:18 (I'm not gonna break any landspeed records) and Dan ran the marathon (and puked twice while running- the humidty)and finished with a 2:59:22. After the race Dan got to meet one of his running idols Ryan Hall and I was super excited for him.  Here's to going back next year when they host the Olympic Trials!
Sweet Sweet Victory

On the back it has "On January 30th 2011 I completed the Houston Marathon (or Half Marathon)

Dan and Ryan Hall