Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Special Treat for the Dad in Your Life

What is it?

Drunk Cupcakes!!!  I first saw this recipe on Ashley's blog and made a mental note to make them.  Well last weekend my friend's girlfriend threw him a surprise birthday party that was casino themed.  What does my friend like to do at the casino? Drink and play poker or roulette, so  I thought drunken cupcakes would tie in with the theme nicely.  I just put spoonfuls of icing on top to make it more "manly" and added a cheap poker chip on top to give it more of a casino theme.

These cupcakes are seriously so moist it is the best chocolate cupcake batter I have ever had. I made them for his party on Saturday, then for my coworkers on Tuesday because I didnt get to eat enough of them on Saturday lol.

Why is this perfect for a father's day treat?  Ummm because the batter has Guinness in it and the ganache filling has whiskey and the icing has Baileys in it!  My dad's ears perked up a bit when he heard about them so I'll be making them again this weekend for him (and me) to enjoy ha.

Happy Father's Day :)


  1. i will have to hop on over to Ashley's Blog and try these... when you told me about these I, too, perked up. :) Perhaps have them as after race snacks for whatever race we do next!