Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finally an Update!

   Ok now that I have finally caught up on all of your blogs I'll update my own ha.....
So I had 2 glorious weeks off work which started out by us going up to Erie, PA and NY state for wine beer and fun with 2 other of our couple friends.

    We got home on Monday and left on Wednesday very early morning to drive to Ft Campbell to visit Tom and his family. On the way from PA to KY we spotted the Jim Beam distillery and I was pumpppppped.  I cant belive it didnt occur to me to look up distilleries. Oh well I have Wild Turkey marked down on my list for the next time we go down there.  The distillery tour was pretty neat but you did not actually get to go inside where they make the whiskey so that was lame.  Overall I would say the tour was nicer than that Jack Daniels  tour (we went in 2008 when we were down in Nashville for the Country Music Marathon) but the Jack tour was more interesting as you got to go through where they made each stage of the whiskey.  The Jim tour had better samples though ha. They will be opening the distillery up for tours next year they said.
the barrel tells them all the info they need to know

there were whiskeys I didnt even know about- stupid PA liquor laws!

the worlds smallest working distillery- this was no bigger than a coffee table

    Dan and I were both really excited to see Tom, his wife and son and meet his daughter.  He is doing remarkably well.  Its sounding like his leg should be able to heal itself over time and he may not need any surgeries but he will have months of rehab ahead of him as he learns to walk again. I was also intrigued because I have never been to a real military post so I was excited to see what it was like.  We spent two days down there and Tom showed us around post and where different units train etc and I even braved the PX and commissary on payday haha. 
Tom and Dan

His wonderful family
From KY we drove up to Chicago to see Dans sister and our friend Kaity for dinner and then we continued on up to Michigan to spend a few days with Dans parents and our friend Ed.  On our way up to Michigan we got a call from my parents (the puppy sitters) that Max had gotten spooked by fireworks and escaped my parents neighbors fence and ran away.  I was A WRECK because Max isnt the sharpest tool in the shed. If he was a person he would look like this

and have an eldery husband with a trust fund waiting for him.  SO I basically cried the whole way up to Michigan and the whole night becasue I was sure he would try to make firends with a coyote or something and we would never see this face again
hes the white one
  Luckily someone spotted him the next morning and called me and dropped him off at my parents house. I was crying tears of joy...even my dad cried! Max was ok he just had raw paws and looked traumatized for the next few days.
  We spent the next few days in Michigan tubing in the Muskegon river and really just relaxing which felt great.

Stay tuned for our recap of our trip to Spokane, Coeur D'Alene, Missoula and the Missoula Half Marathon :)


  1. Mmm! Jim is MY MAN! But I'm a Kentucky girl, so I'm bias! So jealous of that tour though, despite my many years in Kentucky I never made it a point to venture out and tour the source of the sweet nectar!

  2. So glad that Max returned safely! And as for your description of him as a human, hilarious!!!

  3. Aww I'm glad that Max is ok! I would have been a wreck too!