Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation Update Part 2!

Ok so after our big road trip we headed off to Spokane, Coeur D' Alene and Missoula. We stopped and had a 3 hour layover in Vegas.  Now I was not going to sit in an airport in VEGAS for 3 hours so I made Dan venture out on the strip with me.  We decided to stop in Paris and have some breakfast then we walked over to the Venetian to get froyo.  Yes I love froyo that much I know where its located in different cities.
If you ever go to Vegas you must get some noms here in the Paris hotel.
 We arrived in Spokane and spent the day there wandering around and seeing the sights.  We actually had a really good meal at a restaurant in a hotel which is a surprise!  Then we took a walk along the river where we spotted these little guys

and walked passed Gonzaga. We walked up to the Don Kardong bridge where the sights were just beautiful.

 We then made our way over to the famous Spokane Falls..let me tell you it was so hot I really just wanted to jump in but knew if I did so death would be certain.
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running art for the famous bloomsday run!
 After all that excitement we made our way to our next stop...Coeur D' Alene, Idaho.  This was my favorite stop on our trip it was just GORGEOUS there. We saw some sights ate some great food, went to a winery (of course), and ran on an amazing trail.  The trail was just named the best trail in Idaho by the Army Times too.
view from the bridge at The Coeur D' Alene Resort

got our toes in the water

I have the attention span of a small child and thought it was neat to see a pine cone on a beach!
Ok here begins our pictures from Tubb's Trail this was my fave part..I just couldn't believe how beautiful the trail was.  It was definitely not an easy trail so I mostly slow jogged so I could see the sights and not break my ankles. Seriously fave place to run everrrr...


the resort

we became experts at the self photo on this trip
 On our last night there we ate at a floating restaurant which was pretty cool except it slipped my mind that I get sea sick..whoopsie.  I am always up for trying new things so when they had bone marrow on the menu I figured why not! I have heard it was a delicacy of was interesting kind of a fatty consistency but different taste.  I don't think I'll ever crave but I'd probably eat it again.
our lovely view

Stay tuned for the Montana update next :)


  1. wow it is beautiful there!!! im so jealous, glad you guys are enjoying your time! that little chipmunk is a cutie!

  2. We loved Couer D'Alene! We stayed there for our honeymoon. Such a pretty place.