Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Hawaiian Recap Part 1

There really are not words to describe our wonderful experience!  Even the flight wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kauai and it was the best hotel/ resort we have ever been to.  Ok lets start this long overdue recap!
Day One: We arrived and the airport caught me off guard.  It was mostly open air except for the gates!  You did not get lei'd at the airport unless you bought one but I was pumped because we got lei'd at the hotel.  I just love flowers so thats why I was so excited I guess ha. I look like balls from being on a plane for 7 hours ha but I think you can sense my excitement.

We then had a delish meal at the hotel and I was so lame I passed out about 6pm.

Day Two: I woke up about  super early the next day. We went grocery shopping and waited for Dan (and the rest of the runners) to go to a meeting the the Team's director.  We decided that since it was kinda rainy we would go do a bunch of non beach stuff with another couple.   First we drove almost across the island to get to the island's only winery.  They make mead which is honey wine and they says its the world's oldest drink! It was pretty good and we brought two bottles home.
Nani Moon Meadery

They were bottling that day and had quite a system!

After that we stopped at a local shopping plaza trying to find some souvenirs and lunch and we accomplished both tasks.  We then headed to a rum tasting which was also on a bed and breakfast type place with some shops and things. The rum wasn't anything spectacular but it was fun to do!
 Then we stopped at the Kauai Coffee Company and they had many free samples and a walking tour of some of the plants they used so that was cool!

coffee beans!
That night we had a dinner at our hotel provided by the Kauai Marathon Committee and it was amazing and delish but someoneeee may have had too much wine and forgot to take pictures..whoopsie!

Day Three:
We woke up early and drove to the canyon in the middle of the island with the PA team.  It was a seriously winding road...pretty much everyone felt car sick but by the views were worth it!

the first stop on the winding road

the lovely PA team

the second stop was on the ocean side :)
After we got back from this jaunt we decided to check out the beach and much to my delight a seal had beached itself!!!!
it was soooo cute

since it was so cute i was calling it "the puppy of the sea"

After some beach time we went to a luau at the Sheraton which was the race's host hotel.  Bart Yasso and Dean Karnazas were there to pump us up and we had a front row seat.  I also got picked to do some hula which as I was in front of tons of people dancing poorly I realized it would have been way better if I had a drink or two lol.

Bart Yasso!


our lovely entertainment for the evening

the fire dancer was our favorite part!

one thing kenyans are not good at- hula

Stay tuned for Part Two which includes our race recap and an 8 hour adventure!


  1. Love the pics. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!

  2. That looks like a great trip! I just love the way the flowers smell! We had a big Hawaiian celebration at church a few weeks ago and everyone was wearing leis and things like that... the whole room smelled of beautiful fragrant flowers!

    The fire dancer looks so cool! Great pictures!