Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Hawaiian Recap Part 2 (better late than never!)

Hi Everyone! It feels so great to be back at blogging!  Grad school has been kicking my butt, hence my absence, but I just took my last final a few hours ago! This time next year I will have my MBA! Its snowing here in PA so lets take a trip back to Hawaii... You can read the first recap post here
    Ok so the next morning we were up early to run the race! It was very well organized but it was definitely the toughest course either of us has run but it was so beautiful I just decided to take it all in and go with the flow.  I wish I had brought my camera on the course!  Here are some pictures from the finish line.

The LT and his wife..he carried a flag the whole course!

Dan and I very happy to be done! Take a look at the background!

The PA team

Our All Star Emily's prize for taking first in the half marathon! She will be heading to the Olympic trails in Houston!

Bart Yasso and Dan- He was on our flight home too- he is very nice!

The National guard relay team (with two PA members) took first!

Most of The National Guard Team!
Most of the PA Team with Dean Karnazes

    Overall for race goals, I just barely made mine, which was to get under 3 hours, with a 2:59:25 and Dan was disappointed with his time (even though I think its pretty good!) with a 3:19:15- this included him having to stop at a med tent to get cramps rubbed out of his legs! He learned he reallllllly doesnt run well in the heat.

    After the race and we were all well hydrated again, we headed to Kalapaki Joe's which was hosting a post race party.  They had food and drink specials and everything was delicious! For the rest of the day we just relaxed by the pools and packed up our stuff. 

    The next morning we headed out on an 8 hour adventure tour with Outfitters .  It was expensive but well worth it! Truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life! We did the Kipu Zipline Safari and it was everything they make it out to be.  We started with a kayack and then we hiked a bit.  A huge tractor picked us up and took us the rest of the way up the mountain.  The tours guides were filled with tons of knowledge about the island and would tell us fun facts about the local plants. They even picked guavas off the tree for us to eat! The ziplines were incredible (even though I was terrified) and we got to see some amazing site along the way. A lot of movie and commercials had been filming on that part of the island so we got to see some scenes from Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and Indiana Jones. They said the Chase was filming a commercial just a week prior and I saw the commercial on TV (its the second one) a few months later.  After ziplining and hiking we stopped at what they call the Bamboo pool. It is surrounded entirely by bamboo and they had a zipline into the water and you could also jump in from a platform. 
Us kayaking..we sucked at it ha

pool from Pirates 3

Dan on the rope swing

Us on the tractor ride

Guava tree

Fresh Guava!

all geared up to zipline!

me being super graceful on the zipline

our second zipline

zipline into bamboo pool
Afterward we came back to our hotel and had a romantic dinner before our 10pm flight out of Lihue Airport.  I hope we are lucky enough to go back again next year!!!! The 12 hour travel is most definitely worth it!


  1. I love that y'all ran a race while in vacay in Hawaii! How beautiful. I bet it made the pain sooooo totally worth it.

    I think it's so funny I took a photo of your husband in Houston! Feel free to steal it from me. Hope you did well at the Chevron Houston Marathon. Did he LOVE seeing Ryan Hall there? It was truly incredible. I was speechless.