Thursday, February 23, 2012


This weekend I will be running 15 miles. FIFTEEN! Thats 1.9 miles farther than I have ever ran before lol. Luckily, Emily will be right by my side and our friend Amy will be joing us for 10 miles.  The race we are doing is kinda of neat. Its a 5 mile loop and you get to show up and run how many laps you want (10,15,or 20 miles).  The race is called the Spring Thaw and of course, despite our nice temperatures in the 40s and 50s this week, its going to snow on Saturday morning. Now if you have read my race recaps before, you will know If I'm not going to get a PR I'm really just in it for the medals. Well there is no medal for this race,there are gloves. So yeah I'm going to run the farthest distance ever and get gloves! I did make the hubs promise to take me to a whiskey bar that just opened up sometime in the near future as my reward.  I shall post my recap afterwards!

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  1. we should have gotten a photo with our gloves on. MER! But great job, none the less! We are awesome!