Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flashback: October 2010 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

A few months ago we were thrilled to be able to attend the vow renewal for one of our friends.  Her husband is in the Army also, and they eloped before his deployment and had a wonderful ceremony on Valentine's Day (which was also their anniversary) for just the two of them.  They wanted to share this moment with family and friends when he returned, so on a lovely fall day there we were!
beautiful bride and groom

surper neat place cards!
apple sicder martini signature drink- the bride came up with the recipe herself!

delish cupcakes!

Prior to the wedding we had some time to walk around the town of Lake Geneva which is about 1.5 hours away from Chicago.  The town is super cute and very boutiquey.

we had a delish lunch here

never saw this before!

got all sorts of booze (that we had to smuggle in our luggage)

found this gem in a local shop. yes that hole is what you think its for

no we didnt buy this book i instead laughed hysterically and took pictures


  1. how fun! I had to click off your page when I saw the last two pictures because I was laughing so hard at work!

  2. Haha a friend of mine has the penis pokey book. Some one gave it to her as a joke. It's hilarious!