Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Went Out Last Night

Oh boy! My friends and I do a intramural sports league called PSL and this season we are playing kickball.  We usually try to arrange a happy hour before games to blow off some work steam and chat with each other.  We had our first game yesterday, except it was cancelled but a few of us were already on the way by the time we heard sooooo we went to happy hour anyway. The bar was awesome but nothing pretty to look at ha. The drinks were cheap, they had free hot dogs for happy hour, the food was great (they have many varieties of pierogies!).  We made friends with the regulars (yinzers) who bought us lots of drinks and shots (we were the only girls in the bar!) and had a great time for a few hours. They have a nice little outside space which would have been nice if it wasnt pouring outside.  We are looking forward to going back! OH and they have many varieties of 5lb food ha- hot dogs, hamburgers, gyros, pierogies.  If you can eat them in an hour they are free!


  1. goodness! 5lb food -- I don't know if I'm impressed or nauseated haha =)
    Sounds like the perfect little happy hour bar!

  2. 5 POUNDS!? oh dear WOW! sounds beyond fun though! I miss being in a kickball league in college! hehe