Thursday, November 4, 2010

Behind the Name

Some of you may be wondering where I came up with the title of my blog.  Well here is the explanation!

Pink Champagne: obviously I enjoy some adult beverages every once in awhile, but to me this also means the fun and fancy things in life

Gatorade: my husband and I are runners

MRE's: Army stuff, recipes

How did you all come up with your titles?

Also, if you all have blog buttons let me know so I can snag them and put them on my blog roll :)


  1. I love your title its title is well from the expression "grinn and bear it" i just replaced Grinn with Guinn...hahah

  2. I found your blog through Lola.

    The title of my blog is "Forever and A Day" because it was part of our wedding vows... well my wedding vows that my husband then suggested that they become "our" wedding vows.

  3. I think your title is super-cute!! Mine used to be "Random Ramblings of a Military Wife" (hence the URL ramblingmilitarywife), because I ramble on about so many different things. Then I didn't think it was a very creative title, so I decided to change it. I had a craft blog too, but I got rid of it because it was too hard to keep up with both, so I just renamed my main one The Crafty Military Wife. I just added your button to my page! :)

  4. Mine is a song :) I heart Bing Crosby

  5. cute blog!! I'm a new follower =)
    I came up with my name when I decided to 'chronicle' my life since getting married
    "Life After the Aisle"