Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flashback: Nerd Alert! Harry Potter World :)

IT WAS SO EFFFING COOOL!!!!!  It was kinda small but the details were redonk and it looked like you were literally in the movie.

the entrance

going into Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Express is on your right

No it didnt snow in Florida- it made to look that way

Regular and Frozen Butter Beer- seriously if I could keg this stuff in my house I would SO GOOD

there is a ride inside here

Hagrids house while in line for the Hippogriff ride

could only see it while on the ride hence the blurry picture

our souvenir

its pretty big- about the size of my hand!

Overall we had a great time here. My recommendation go on a Sunday or right as the park opens at 9am, way less crowded. When we were leaving that part of the park they were giving people time cards as  to when they could come back!


  1. Ahh, looks like so much fun! And as for Butterbeer:

    You can make your own ;)

  2. Fun fact: My company was one that actually built the exterior work for the castle ect. at Universal :) I have yet to ride the ride or go through after everything opened to the public though. Hopefully I will soon!

  3. omg i wanna go. was it pricey oh thanks mcdancer for the recipe!!

  4. i was going to ask you where are your photos. looks cool!