Monday, May 9, 2011

Army Ten Miler 2011

The date is October 9th. Registration is open now for military members and opens up for the public on May15th at midnight. It sells out FAST- I'm talking in a few hours. If you would like to run it sign up at midnight with me!
It is one of my favorite races and its a great feeling to be around so much Army and hear Hooah 1 million times ha.  If you are planning on running it let me know and we can meet up!  If you are thinking about running it- think no more and just do it!


  1. I SOOOO wanted to do this again! Maybe next year :) Enjoy it though!!!

  2. New follower! :D Your stronger than me, I cant do all that movement any more :( Cut blog, look forward to all your great reads!

  3. I so wanted to do it this year!!! Due date is Oct 10, so I think that will not be happening...Good luck this year!