Thursday, February 3, 2011

Houston (Half) Marathon Recap!

First off I want to say that I made Emily's Pad Thai last night and I cant get my mind off how good it was.

The weekend in Houston was great! The weather was nice and warm, I got to see my old college roomate, and the US Half Marathon Championships, and the Galleria :).
On Saturday we got up early and went down to see the US Half Marathon Championships.  It was pretty cool to see and Dan got to see his bf Ryan Hall finish 2nd overall.  Mo Trafeh came in 1st with a time of 1:02:17. 

The head pack around mile 9

Mo crossing the finish line
Afterwards we went to the Marathon Expo where I got some cute running clothes on sale :).  We headed back to our hotel and I had lunch with one of my college roomates who happened to be in town for a conference! Our hotel was within very close walking distance to The Houston Galleria which was fannnnntastic.  Afterwards we went out to dinner with the National Guard Team and got to sleep early!
The race overall was REALLY well organized and the medals are nice! Each finisher got a nice tech shirt and the marathon finishers also received a beer mug. The course was super flat but the weather for the race was good and bad.  It was very humid to start the race(which slowed us down) but it rained during the race which felt amazing and cleared up around the time i was at mile 10. I ran the half marathon got a PR this race, I beat my old time by 40 seconds which left me at a 2:41:18 (I'm not gonna break any landspeed records) and Dan ran the marathon (and puked twice while running- the humidty)and finished with a 2:59:22. After the race Dan got to meet one of his running idols Ryan Hall and I was super excited for him.  Here's to going back next year when they host the Olympic Trials!
Sweet Sweet Victory

On the back it has "On January 30th 2011 I completed the Houston Marathon (or Half Marathon)

Dan and Ryan Hall


  1. congrats on getting a PR! Glad you guys had such a good time in Houston =)

  2. Way to go!!!

    Wow--you really are married to Speedy Gonzalez :)

  3. Hi Jules! Congrats on your new PR!!!

    I just stumbled upon your blog when searching for a recap of this race. The website has NO info on it (fail- ha ha!)... thanks for being so precise and giving me all the info I was looking for: weather, humidity, Ryan Hall, and course elevation! :-)

    I just signed up for the Chevron Marathon lottery just so I can go see Ryan Hall in the Olympic Trials! Obsessed, I tell you!

    Happy Running,