Sunday, February 13, 2011

Michigan Fun: Smoke Grenades, Flares and Kid Rock

We travel to Michigan a few times a year, but in January I was there twice!  The in laws live up there in a very small town and we went up for New Years and one of my bffs decided that we should go to Kid Rock's 40th Birthday concert in Detroit. Lots of pictures to follow.

New Years Eve 2010
every year there is a beer tree

Capt T teaching Amy how to use the smoke grenade

your blogger giving it a try

Amy recovered her smoke grenade- the other side is a flare and you can use both sides!

alcoholic whipped cream- we dont have this in PA! It was tasty

the poor frog has had his fate decided since we acquired him

Capt T and Dan prepping his demise

A few mins later the frog was taken care of
next target, the bonfire

Ed prepping it with fuel

to start this we all took flares, counted to 3, lit them and threw them in

Ed's pup Diesel , yes those are my shooting glasses and yes I bedazzled them

we got to play with night vision too!
This is so country that the first time I came up to Michigan, when Dan and I first started dating, he waited until we we almost there to tell me I had to use an outhouse. I was not happy and I made him come in it with me hahah (they have regular plumbing now which makes me :)). It really nice to get away from everything for a few days and spend time with our family.

Two weeks later my friend Mandy, her mom and I drove to Detroit  specifically to see Kid Rock perform his 40th birthday concert.  Let me just tell you it was AWESOME. Kid Rock performed for 3 hours. It was super high energy and a fantastic show. If you have never seen him perform -go do it, he always puts on an amazing show.

Kid Rock's Beer- its pretty tasty actually

Mandy and I

Uncle Kracker

Peter Wolf

Martina McBride

Rev Run- I totally freaked

Sheryl Crow

Chevy gave him a Camaro

Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford gave a toast

Finale- Love it!


  1. SO fun! Everything you described seemed so "Michigan"! HA! We used to have bonfires all the time and everytime there was furniture being burned...ridiculous!

  2. ahhh looks like a blast! bonfires and all! =)

    Happy early valentines day! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the beer tree! Looks like such a great time.