Friday, February 25, 2011

Running Outta Our Mine!

    This past weekend we did a race IN a mine! Literally the only thing outside of it was the finish line!  In theory the race was many people can say they have ran a race in a mine??? The hubs is a huge zombie fan so he was pumped to see because part of Day of the Dead was filmed here. In reality the race was kinda boring because there wasn't much to look at..think gravel and walls.  The one interesting thing was that the mine has since turned into a storage facility, so you would round a corner and there would be RV's, boats, and those little  trailers that you get food at at fairs.
    Overall the race was average for the both of us, the weather was a little warm in the mine and there was of course no breeze.  Would I do it again..yes but I would bring someone to amuse me ha.
look for the cones- its the finish line!

Anyway I saw that a few of you are doing races this weekend so GOOD LUCK! Emily and I will be freezing for ten miles tomorrow at the Spring Thaw. The hubs will be doing 10, 15 or 20..this race is neat its a 5 mile loop and you just pick how many you want to do while running.  Post race report to follow!


  1. Girl....spring isn't thawing out over here for a was a snow storm today! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. in a MINE!? Thats crazy! I would have shot that idea down right away... or maybe not... might be fun to pretend zombies were chasing me? bahaha!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons