Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flashback: Charm City Cakes- 1 Year Ago Today!

    The hubs and I are big fans of the "Ace of Cakes" TV show.  Last year while planning our wedding I knew I wanted to do something for him since, lets face it, the pink reception wasn't up his alley ha.  
    One day something made me check out the website and I saw they had our wedding date available.  I was pretty excited so I called and Mary Alice called me back and we set up an appointment to come up with an idea and to get the tasting flavors. 
    This was going to be surprise for Dan so I told him that wasnt going to be home on this date and he wanst allowed to check my credit card to see where I was lol. I asked some of my bridesmaids to join me on the trip since I wasn't too keen on making a 5 hour road trip by myself.  We left after work on March 16th and drank tequila spent some time at MEX in the Power Plant which is big complex with lots of clubs and bars and restaurants.
Erika, Me, Emily, Mandy
    The next morning we spent time time around the harbor and had some delish seafood. Then it was cake time! If you all watch the show we did eat at The Diz which is the restaurant across the street and they actually had pieces of cake they were giving away so that was cool.  All of us were pretty geeked (especially Emily because she has a crush on Duff).  My consultation was with Anna but Lauren actually made the cake. Duff was there and drinking a beer ha. We came up with something to incorporate his two favorite things besides me- running and the Army!

box of nums!

    My ladies and I ended up choosing the banana caramel flavor because it was amazing and Dan loves bananas and then the beurre noisette flavor which tasted like a sweet cake donut :) Two weeks before the wedding Dan made the National Guard Marathon Team so I had them add a banner to the cake for that. The cake was a surprise for Dan and I just announced it for him after the speeches at the reception.
His favorite racing flat and some army goodness

marathon sticker, flag, Combat Infantry Badge
look closely you can even see how they made the shoe look mesh
3rd platoon Vikings and Keystone patch which is also part of his tattoo
Commendation, OIF, Achievement, infantry rifles
Max and Jake

Overall the cake was just beyond words. The detail was incredible, it tasted great and if you ever want to splurge I totally recommend it!


  1. Don't forget the OYSTERS at The Diz!!! Such a great cake and a fun trip that we had! And we had to not talk about at all for months. :)

  2. That is SO awesome! And I had no idea your husband was on the marathon team - he must be insanely fast. Are you guys running the Pittsburgh Marathon this year?

  3. That is amazing!!!! I bet your husband was so surprised! :D:D:D