Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Emily's First 10 Miler!

Congrats to Emily for running her first 10 miler!!!

Emily, Dan, and I ran the Spring Thaw over the weekend.  The race is neat as it is a 5 mile loop and allows you to choose as you are running if you would like to do 10, 15 or 20 miles.  Coach Dan gave us the instruction to race the first 5 mile loop then do whatever for the second 5 mile loop. We knocked about 12 minutes off our last 5 mile race time so that was great! Emily also felt a lot better overall than after our last 5 mile race.  We walked for the majority of mile 6 then I convinced Em to run a little more and we did until the end.  We finished with a time of  2:24:35 for all 10 miles.  I think that in few months Emily and I should have no problem running under 3 hours for the half. I am so proud of Emily for completing her first ten miler and happy to have a runing partner!!!!
You can read Emily's race recap here.

   Dan decided to go for 15 miles since he isn't fully recovered from Houston and he ran a 1:40:48. He gave us a few motivational ass slaps as he passed us, then found us after he was done around mile 8 and motivated us through the last few miles.

Next race for Dan and I is Rock CF Half Marathon- March 20th
Next race for Dan, Emily and I is Just a Short Run- March 26th. Em and I will be doing the 8.1 mile and Dan will be doing the 30k which is one of his fave races!


  1. LOL thanks for giving me a label of "Embarrassing Emily". I guess I am your official running partner since I busted out 10 miles. ACK!

  2. and thank you for being my support!!!! :)

  3. wow! he was MOVING! yay for having running partners too =) they are the best!