Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just A (Not So) Short Run Race Recap and Sunday Plans

    This one will be short and sweet.  Yesterday the hubs and I did the Just a Short Run. There is a 5k, 8.1 mile, 1/2 marathon, and  a 30k for this race.  I did the 8.1 mile and the hubs did the 30k and it is one of his fave distances to run.  The weather was freeeezingggggggg and I swear even with gloves on I was going to have frostbitten fingers. We were both intersted to see how we would run being that we just did the half on Sunday.  It actually turned out well for both of us! I knocked 6 minutes off my time from last year and finished in 1:40:40 and the hubs knocked about 4 mins off his time from last year and finished in 1:59:37 and came in 5th place OVERALL! This was his first overall placement so I am super proud of him :)
    The race ended kind of rough for him though. I was cheering him on about 100 yards from the finish like "Good job babe- bring it home" ( anyone else feel really lame cheering for people? I always feel like i say dumb stuff lol). He crosses the finish line and I run over to him continuing to embarass cheer for him. Then I see him bend over (maybe he just cant breathe- oh no this is taking a bad turn). "Good job babe-oh... let me know when your done puking!"  He felt better after that and we stuck around for the awards- he won a whole 15 bucks ha. I told now he just needs to get 5th in a big race and win like 10 grand kthanks. 
    Our race bibs have a 10 bucks off any Asics purchasae of 100 bucks or more coupon on them and I spotted these shoes at the Houston Expo and I still want them very badlllllyyyyyyy. So I'm hoping I can get these soon even though they are technically for triathletes. I am a triathlete- I try LOL.

    Anyway I'm off to a Pilates class and I am making Chicken and Biscuits in the crockpot for Dan and my parents tonight. My parents finally got a new end table so they are bringing us their old one that matches our coffee table so my family room will almost be complete soon! Oh and I can't wait to see what happens on Army Wives tonight! eek!   Hope everyone has nice relaxing Sunday!


  1. good job, running parents!! if i was there i'm sure i would have slowed you down with my death cough :) looking forward to an 8 mile on Saturday.

    enjoy the chigs & bis!

  2. im so with you on the cheering part i always feel so cheesy yelling odd phrases! Congrats on his win, and those shoes are awesome!