Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rock CF Half Marathon Recap

A Day late but here we go :)
"I take driving very seriously"
 We drove about 4 hours to Grosse Ile, Michigan, but first we stopped at Beef Jerky Unlimited and tehy seriously did not allow pictures inside!
Elk, Buffalo, Alligator, Kangaroo, and Antelope
We got some exotic jerky to try and then just a few more miles until we arrived at the Grosse Ile High School for packet pickup!

A map of where all of the runners came from

course map around the island
After that we went for lunch at Sharkey's where we got Saginaki which is a Greek flaming cheese- it was delish!

 We asked our wonderful waitress what there was to do on the island and she mentioned there was an alpaca farm right down the road.  So off we went!
I got some yarn for my gay husbands

 Then they showed us all the alpacas they had.  I asked to pet one and the guy picked one up and handed it to me! They are  a lot lighter than I thought- all fur.  They are SO soft. 

"this one is still nursing- put your pinky out and she will suck on it"

this is the alpaca that the cream yarn came from

 Following that we drove around the island to get a feel for the course and headed to our hotel. We went to sleep pretty early and we were up at 5am to head to the race.  It was very cold but other than that the first 7 miles were super flat and the scenery was amazing. Canada or Michigan on one side, mansions on the other.  From miles 7-11 the course was pretty hilly and very windy. Luckily Dan finished his run and found me about mile 9/5 and kept me motivated for the last few miles :).  Both of us were very close to our PRs but no such luck! I finished in 2:43:53 (about 2 mins off) and Dan finished in 1:22:05 (5 seconds off).

finishers medal
 I'm going to share a little post race specialness with you all- my ass cheeks rubbed together and managed to chafe this race.  Yeah wtf I know.  Sorry if that was TMI but I was like really Jules how did this happen. 
After the race we got all cleaned up and headed home but we wanted to stop at a winery first.    The Pentamere Winery was the closest to us so off we went! 
They have their own fermentation tanks in the store!

It smelled amazing because they just emptied this one
We ended up going home with 6 bottles- 1 for my parents for puppy sitting

We also found out this is just off the road that we take to my in- laws so we will be back :)

we saw this gem on the way home


  1. Great job - both of you! There is nothing like a weekend that includes both running and wine. And I LOVE saginaki!!!

  2. The alpacas are so cute!! Awesome job on the half!! I miss running, sigh.

  3. that photo of you holding the furball alpaca is hilarous! yarn for your gay husbands? bahahahaha!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Oh my goodness, I love alpacas! Looks like an awesome adventure :)

  5. omg the alpaca with his hairs cut CUTE!!!! yay for the half! :)

  6. Um, YUM to the jerky! (and I love the yarn for the gay husbands... gotta replace the yarn used for Col Cuddles!) :) :)

  7. OMG!! I love the pictures of you holding the alpaca, haha!!

    Congrats on the great race!